Atlantic Furniture Columbia Full over Full Bunk Bed

Columbia Full over Full

Shown with Optional Trundle Bed, in Natural Maple - Click to Enlarge

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Multiple Colors


Made of solid eco-friendly hardwood (Asian rubberwood)

26 steel reinforcement points, mortise and tenon joinery

Includes two 14 piece solid hardwood slat kits

Dimensions: 80.5" L x 58.5" W x 68" H

Weight capacity for the top bunk: 200 lbs.

Innovative five-step finishing process

Accepts under bed storage drawers or trundle bed

Can be separated into two individual beds

Available in multiple finishes: antique walnut, natural maple, caramel latte, classic white

Easily removable ladder

Assembly required; tools included

Safety: the manufacturer certifies this bunk bed model has been tested by an independent laboratory and is in compliance with ASTM F-1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds and the Government Code of Federal Regulations 1213 and 1513

Buyers Say:

sturdy, solid, heavy

attractive, stylish


easy to assemble

slats not strong enough

missing or damaged parts


Although bunk beds are typically used to accommodate children who are, to a certain age, usually comfortable with a twin size mattress, there is many a situation in which a larger, full size bunk bed may be more practical: guest rooms are their natural habitat, for example. Atlantic Furniture's Columbia Full over Full bunk bed is a typical representative of its variety; the eye-pleasing, elegant design combined with the sturdy build and reasonable price make for a very attractive overall package. In addition, the bed comes in four different finishes and will fit into a large variety of environments. Another boon is, the standard configuration can be split into two separate beds. Finally, as is the case with the entire Columbia line of bunk beds, the bed frame can be supplemented with under bed storage drawers or a trundle bed, plus an entire room of matching furniture. Read on to find out what actual users have to say about this product.

The Good

Durability -- all Atlantic Furniture bunk beds are touted for their sturdiness and quality of build; it seems to be the first thing an average reviewer feels obligated to share. This particular quality is, of course, high on the list of desirable traits for any wood bunk bed (or any other piece of furniture, for that matter), but it may be just a tiny bit more important for full over full bunk beds given how they will likely be used by either adults or older adolescents who are, again, likely to weigh more and thus present a greater challenge for the bed's structural integrity. Users describe this bunk bed as a secure, heavy, solid piece of furniture. Most are pleased with both the quality of construction and solidity of wood. Some go as far as to predict the expected durability of the product by asserting it should last a lifetime or longer. One thing, however, that many reviewers found deficient or at least had doubts about is the mattress support system -- read more on that in "the not so good" area.

Attractive design -- you can check that out yourself by clicking on one of the thumbnails to the right. Granted, this won't provide the exact experience as standing next to it would, but it should give you a general idea of the bed's elegant stylishness. Couple that with the often mentioned beautiful paint, sophisticated finish, and you'll get a clearer image of the whole picture.

Ease of assembly -- from all accounts, it should be pretty easy to put this bed together. The product ships in 7 boxes which can look a little intimidating, but most buyers reportedly managed to assemble it in a few hours without any problems.

The Not So Good

Slats -- quite a few people expressed their concern about the mattress support system, especially for the upper bunk. This bed ships with two 14 piece slat kits and the manufacturer's assurance there's no need for additional support -- bunkie boards and such. However, the included slats are described by a concerning number of users as flimsy and weak and not offering sufficient support. Some would say plainly that slats looked like they were going to snap (although no one reported they actually did), while others stated diplomatically that they'd have liked the supports for top mattress to feel a little stronger. To be completely fair, there are opposing opinions as well, however: the issue has been brought up by too many people to just ignore it. So, if you like this bed and end up buying it, be prepared that you may have to do some strengthening in the upper mattress area -- for your peace of mind, if nothing else. Buying a bunkie board separately or merely putting in an additional brace has been reported to do the trick.

Available Finishes

Columbia Full over Full in Antique Walnut

Antique Walnut

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Columbia Full over Full in Natural Maple

Natural Maple

(Click to Enlarge)

Columbia Full over Full in Caramel Latte

Caramel Latte

(Click to Enlarge)

Columbia Full over Full in Classic White

Classic White

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