Atlantic Furniture Columbia Twin over Futon Bunk Bed

Columbia Twin over Futon

Shown in Antique Walnut Finish - Click to Enlarge

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Multiple Colors


Made of solid eco-friendly hardwood (Asian rubberwood)

Designed for durability - 26 steel reinforcement points, mortise and tenon joinery, an innovative hook & pin system

Includes hardwood slat kits

Dimensions: 80.5" L x 44.25" W x 68" H

Weight capacity for the top bunk: 150 lbs.

Innovative five-step finishing process

Can be separated into a twin bed and a futon

Available in multiple finishes: antique walnut, natural maple, caramel latte, classic white

Easily removable ladder

Assembly required; tools included

Safety: the manufacturer certifies this bunk bed model has been tested by an independent laboratory and is in compliance with ASTM F-1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds and the Government Code of Federal Regulations 1213 and 1513

Buyers on AF Bunk Beds:

sturdy, durable

attractive, stylish


easy to assemble

missing or damaged parts



The Columbia Twin over Futon bunk bed features a twin-size bed on top and a flexible futon on the bottom. During day time the futon can be used as a sofa for relaxing, reading or watching TV, and then be quickly converted into a full-size bed when it's time for sleep. The bed is designed in a simple but pleasant looking missionary style, which, combined with four different colors and a sophisticated and innovative five-step finish, makes it both a joy to look at and a good fit into most environments. Made of solid Asian hardwood, with over two dozen steel reinforcement points and industry standard mortise and tenon joinery, the Columbia futon bunk bed is as sturdy as they come, while the innovative hook & pin system makes it a breeze to put together. Finally, should an opportunity present itself, or a need arise, the top bunk can be easily removed and the standard configuration split into a separate twin-size bed and a futon.

There are precious few comments to be found on the futon version of the Columbia line of bunk beds, so, what follows are a few lines on what actual users had to say about Atlantic Furniture bunk beds in general.

The Good

Durability -- sturdiness, quality of build, these are things that users like about Atlantic Furniture bunk beds most. Lack of squeaking, swaying, or movement of any kind is often reported in this regard, and that's even after the bed's been subjected to heavy abuse from energetic kids. Praise is also given to hardwood slats which are said to give really good support, while the technically savvy buyers commend the wood cutting, exact tongue and groove joints -- and construction in general.

Attractive design -- the bed's simple elegance leaves few people indifferent. Along with design, users very often mention the bed's finish, which is described as elegant and sophisticated, and also rich and even in tone and color.

Ease of assembly -- a view to a six boxes the product ships in (or more, depending on whether or not you ordered any optional items/matching furniture) can be a little intimidating at first. However, since "easy to assemble" is one of the most often repeated phrases associated with the Columbia line of bunk beds, there is probably no concern necessary. In fact, the majority of buyers reportedly managed to put the thing together in a few hours, often less. There are some mixed feelings about the enclosed directions though; while most people find them easy to follow, a few differing opinions out there suggest they can be rather confusing and that throwing them away and following common sense instead is a better way to go.

The Not So Good

A totally negative comment on the Columbia line is nearly impossible to find. Most complaints have to do with missing screws or tools, wrong manual, wrong colored plugs, damaged pieces and such -- things easy to correct, although, admittedly, annoying to deal with. There is a minority that seem also to be unhappy with the quality: the bed squeaks with any movement, is how one customer put it. However, seeing how this directly contradicts with the large majority of opinions, it's possible that some subjective factors instigated these sentiments. In any case, such negative opinions are very rare.

Available Finishes

Antique Walnut

Antique Walnut

(Click to Enlarge)

Natural Maple

Natural Maple

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Caramel Latte

Caramel Latte

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Classic White

Classic White

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