Berg Furniture Sierra Captain's Bed for Two (Twin over Twin)

Berg Sierra Captain's Bed for Two

Berg Sierra Captain's Bed for Two in White Finish - Click to Enlarge

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Made of organic engineered wood that resists warping, cracking and splitting. Scratch resistant and easy to clean

Includes Berg's signature staircase with built-in drawers

Reversible configuration -- can be set up with the stairs to the left or right

Dimensions: 50" H x 97" W x 96" D -- the stairs portion is 45" D

Bed is low enough to accommodate toddlers

Weight limit per bed: 250 lbs.

Available in five finishes: brandy, chestnut, natural maple, nutmeg, white

Nice variety of knob colors to choose from

Includes 6 deep (23") storage drawers

Can be separated into two individual beds

Metal hardware (drawer slides) is guaranteed for life

The product requires assembly

Made in the USA

Buyers Say:

attractive design


safe (stairs, low height)


lots of storage


poor assembly instructions

difficult to change sheets


The Sierra Captains Bed collection belongs to the line of Berg's storage efficient children's bedroom furniture, designed as an answer to space and storage issues many people are faced with. As is the case with all Berg's products, the Captains Bed line is constructed in the old fashioned way, featuring good materials, high quality hardware and excellent workmanship; Berg's furniture is both designed and manufactured in the USA.

The Captain's bed from Sierra collection comes in several configurations: apart from the bed for two depicted in this review there is a version with pullout desk, with a cabinet and with a 12-drawer chest. These alternate versions feature only one bed, which can be either twin or full sized.

Let's review some of its key properties.

Design -- the properly designed children's furniture encourages and facilitates many of the behaviors that psychologists believe are necessary for a child to become a well-rounded, confident adult. As this fact has been gaining wider acceptance, many parents have began looking for furniture that can enhance and foster their child's psychological as well as physical needs -- and Berg Furniture has been among the first to recognize the trend. The Sierra Captain's Bed line has been designed to make children feel excited and happy, to encourage creativity and curiosity. This loft bed is more than just a place to sleep; it helps the kids be organized, makes them feel cozy and provides them with a place to socialize with their peers and family.

Staircase -- Berg's signature feature, designed with safety in mind. The stairs have non-skid treads and wide stepping surfaces which, along with the handrail, allow for a comfortable and safe access to the top bed. Not to waste any of the space available, each of the stairs contains an 18" deep drawer for additional storage needs. The staircase can be fitted to either side of the bed, allowing for greater flexibility in choosing the bed's location.

6 Drawer Chest -- drawers are 23" deep, offering tons of storage space. A special care has been devoted to their construction, the end result being 6 solid, spacious boxes sporting a finish that is both durable and easy to clean. The drawer slides are of heavy caliber metal, robust and reliable, with a mechanism preventing the drawers to fall out when fully extended. The metal drawer hardware is warranted for life.

Versatility -- as mentioned, the Captain's line comes in four different variants. If you don't need the extra bed, you might do better by choosing a version with either the pullout desk, the cabinet or the extra 6 drawer chest. You can learn more about these alternate versions by clicking on thumbnails to the right; you will be taken to each bed's respective page where you can check out its price and learn about distinctive features and differences with regard to the basic model.

Available in five different finishes, beds from Sierra collection will fit into pretty much any kind of environment.

Swatch Finish

You can further personalize the appearance of Berg bunk beds by picking one of the numerous knob colors available.

Swatch Knobs

The top bed for the Sierra line is available in two sizes: twin and full. The full size version will take up some extra room; however, if space is not an issue, the larger bed might prove a better solution as it will provide more comfort for its inhabitant.

The lower bed can slide in and out of its designated position, and can be removed completely to be placed elsewhere in the room if you should find this advantageous for some reason.

Finally, given its low height (50"), this family of low loft beds is also very suitable for low ceiling spaces -- such as some loft rooms, for instance.

Sturdiness -- Berg products are made of high quality engineered wood designed to withstand considerable stresses the beds are likely to be submitted to -- we're talking kids' furniture here, and some amount of horseplay simply cannot be be ruled out. The weight limit for the top bed is set at 250 lbs -- this fact shows rather conspicuously how much confidence the company has in its product, especially when compared with some of the competition which only guarantees their beds to withstand 150 lbs or so. And last but not least (did we mention?) Berg products are made in the USA; they are not only designed in the USA, they are actually crafted by US workers at the US (New Jersey based) factory from US produced materials. It might seem strange to put so much emphasis on this fact but it's a rare thing these days and might matter to some of the more patriotically minded potential buyers or those who simply put more trust in made-in-USA products.

Take a tour of Berg Furniture's factory by following the link below:

Let's see what actual users have to say about Berg's Sierra line.

The Good

Attractive design -- everybody seems to find the Sierra Captain's line of loft beds attractive. There is hardly a reviewer who fails to mention the beds' looks in a favorable way. They are described as gorgeous, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, the coolest ever, very unique. As someone put it, the pictures don't do this bed any justice. Well, the pictures may not do it justice, but they will still give you a general idea of the bed's stylishness. Click on thumbnails in the column to the right to have a look.

Storage -- not surprisingly, it is one of top selling points of this line. The built-in drawers help maximize the available space, a feature highly appreciated by those having to deal with space-challenged living quarters. And not just them. The drawers are referred to as deep, practical, enormous, brilliant. Some of the obviously satisfied buyers note with, well, satisfaction that the extra storage space really helps out in a small room and eliminates the need for a separate dresser. We simply don't have enough stuff to fill the space, one of the reviewers complained. If that can be considered a complaint, that is.

Safety -- the Sierra Captain's family of beds is considered one of the safest in the whole bunk/loft bed arena, thanks to both its low height -- less to fall from, as one reviewer put it -- and the stairs, which make it both easier and safer for the young ones to access the top bunk. Many people seem to be quite comfortable even with smaller children using the upper bed, as they feel not much harm can befall them even if they do fall off. Sense of security, peace of mind at night, satisfaction in knowing this is a safer option for their kids -- these are things that parents who bought one of Sierra Captain's beds mention most often, at least on the subject of safety.

Durability -- according to the buyers, this is one sturdy and solidly built piece of furniture. Super sturdy bed, good quality bed, you can find plenty of generic praise like that, but there are also more colorful expressions: awesome piece of craftsmanship, is how one reviewer put it. Humor is not lacking either: there's a dad, for example, who'd found the product to be very durable, and expressed a certain incredulity at the fact that his twin boys haven't found a way to break it (yet), not for lack of trying. There are also users claiming the bed exceeded their expectations in quality and design -- it's not exactly clear why their expectations were low in the first place, but yours shouldn't be: this is not exactly a cheap piece of furniture.

The Not So Good

There is little in the way of negative comments to be found on Berg's Captains line of low loft beds. Mostly users complain about the price, but then usually add in the next sentence that the bed was worth the money, even if they didn't plan to spend quite as much. A couple of reviewers stated their displeasure with the included assembly instructions; one of them actually said they were horrible. Changing the sheets seems also to be a bit of a challenge and takes some getting used to -- with that in mind, note that the lower bed has wheels on the head board and can be simply pulled out. This can help with accessibility issues and will also come in handy when cleaning time arrives. Some buyers mentioned that the bed turned out to be a bit bigger in the room than expected -- it's a good idea to measure your room beforehand and make sure the bed can fit in comfortably (dimensions can be found in the "features" area above).

Bottom Line

There is plenty to like about the Berg Sierra Collection Captain's line of bunk beds. They are attractively designed; comfortable; durable; they offer tons of storage; they are safer to use, probably -- even for small children -- than anything else out there. The downside is, they don't come cheap. But then, quality rarely does -- and it's not often that you buy a piece of furniture such as this. Not to mention that you can hardly put a price on your peace of mind, or better still, your child's comfort and safety.

Alternate Configurations
More Images

Captain's Bed in White

Captain's Bed for Two in White

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Captain's Bed in Natural Maple

Berg Captain's Bed for Two in Natural Maple

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Captain's Bed For Two

Captain's Bed for Two in Natural Maple

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Captain's Bed with Drawer Pulls

Captain's Bed with Alternate Drawer Pulls

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Twin/ Twin Captain's Bed in White

Twin/Twin Captain's Bed in White

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Captain's Bed for Two with Stairs

Captain's Bed for Two with Stairs and Chest

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