Berg Furniture Sierra Captain's Bed Collection of Loft Beds

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The Berg Furniture Captain's Bed Collection was developed to help with the space and storage issues many people are forced to deal with. As is the case with all Berg's products, the Captain’s Beds are functional, a pleasure to look at, and can fit into smaller rooms. All beds come with at least 6 and up to 12 (depending on the version) extra deep storage drawers; add to that the three drawers housed by the Berg's Signature Staircase and the sum total is a ton of storage space that ought to keep your child's room from clutter -- well, one can always daydream, right?

Note that loft bed furniture from Captain's collection is considered among the safest out there, due to their low height (50") -- such a product might even make a good loft bed for a toddler. Likewise, they are a good choice for low-ceiling rooms.

The Captain's Bed for Two featured here (click on image to the left for a full review) is the most popular item in this collection, designed to provide an enriching environment for two kids. The version with two 6-drawer chests features an enormous amount of storage space; the same is true for the cabinet variant, except that the cabinet can accommodate bulkier items. Finally, the Captain's Bed with Desk sports a spacious desk which can be slid in under the bed if the space is needed for playing or some other activity.

Berg Furniture Sierra Captains Bed Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

Berg Furniture Sierra Captains Bed Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

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