Berg Furniture Kids Headquarters Loft with Study Area (Full Size)

Berg Kids Headquarters with Study Area

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Made of organic engineered wood that resists warping, cracking and splitting. Scratch resistant and easy to clean

Includes Berg's Signature Staircase with 5 built-in drawers

Reversible configuration -- stairs can be installed on either left or right side of the unit

Dimensions: 73" H x 98" W x 60" D

Available in five finishes: brandy, chestnut, natural maple, nutmeg, white

Large variety of knob colors and accent colors to choose from

Full size loft bed

Computer desk with pull out keyboard, pencil drawer, fluorescent light and corkboard -- chair is sold separately

6 outlet surge protection unit with a phone jack

Two 3-drawer chests with hutches

Multiple open storage shelves for books, computer supplies etc

Pillared legs have corner shelves for extra storage

Metal hardware (drawer slides, hinges) is guaranteed for life

Loft bed features a solid board as the mattress support. Weight limit: 250 pounds

The product requires assembly

Made in the USA

Buyers on Berg Bunk Beds:




safe (stairs)

lots of storage

heavy, not easy to move

difficult to change sheets

made of engineered wood


The Kid's Headquarters are a new generation of Berg Furniture youth loft beds -- a very modernly styled sleeping and storage solutions. These newly designed lofts come with a variety of under-bed configurations, which can be study-oriented, entertainment-oriented, or storage oriented. Here we have the Kids HQ loft with a study area underneath, consisting of two 3-drawer chests with hutches, computer desk with corkboard and overhead bridge with cubbyhole storage -- a fun and useful one-kid configuration that will last him/her throughout childhood.

Let's see what are Kids HQ's main selling points.

Design -- there is many a research study claiming that creative environment in childhood leads to success in later life -- in other words, the properly designed furniture encourages and facilitates the behaviors that are necessary for a child to become a well-rounded, confident adult. Parents are becoming increasingly aware of that fact; consequently, they have been more and more on the lookout for furniture that can satisfy these requirements -- not just any old bunk bed will do these days. Berg Furniture has been among the first to recognize the trend. The Kids Headquarters line of products has been designed to make children feel excited and happy; to supply them with ample storage space for their clothes, books, toys and other belongings; to make them feel cozy and to give them a place to socialize with their peers. In short, to provide them with a great environment in which to grow-up and develop.

Staircase -- Berg's signature feature, designed with safety and comfort in mind. The stairs have broad, generous stepping surfaces with non-slid treads plus a handrail, all of which allows for a comfortable and safe access to the top bed. In addition, each of the stairs provides extra storage by housing an 18" deep drawer. Note that the stairs are universal, meaning they can be attached to either side of the bed.

Storage -- in addition to the five deep drawers mentioned above that are stationed in the staircase, the Kids HQ Loft with Study Area also offers two chests (one on each side of the desk) containing 3 large drawers each. And when it comes to open storage space, this system is second to none: the whole study area is enclosed with shelf space for CDs, videos, books... The pillared legs have corner shelves also, and there are cubbies built into the side of the staircase offering more space that can serve as toy storage etc.

Desk -- this configuration comes complete with a computer desk which features a pencil drawer, corkboard and fluorescent light fixture. The desk is computer ready; there is space provided for a computer tower, a pull out keyboard, a 6 unit surge protector and a phone jack.

Sturdiness -- kids like to play, and in their play they often get carried away and subject the furniture to stresses considerably surpassing those which come from normal use. Children's furniture should therefore be designed to withstand any such strains and at Berg Furniture they are convinced that the most suitable material for the job is engineered wood; it is a natural and organic product, the result of decades of research and development and designed with attributes not found in solid wood; it provides consistent, uniform strength and is highly resistant to warping, cracking, and splitting.

However, material is only a part of what makes any structure sturdy; design is equally as important and Berg's products, with their wide boards and surfaces and fortress-like built-in chests, stairs and desks make for compact, heavy and, well, sturdy formations.

Made in the USA -- yes, we have mentioned it before, but it doesn't hurt to do it again as it's not unimportant. Buying US made products keeps American workers employed; working people pay taxes and contribute to the social security system and have money to spend which helps invigorate the economy and strengthen America as a nation -- all this is especially beneficial to the middle class. Furthermore, American products are manufactured to meet a code of standards; these regulations are designed to keep the consumer safe and provide the high level of quality that shoppers rightfully expect.

Take a tour of Berg Furniture's factory by following the link below:

All products from Berg's Kids Headquarters collection are available in five different finishes, which makes them a good fit for the majority of surroundings.

Swatch Finish

You can further personalize the appearance of Berg bunk beds by picking one of the various knob colors available.

Swatch Knobs

Accent colors provide an additional way to enliven the appearance of the Kids Headquarters loft beds. An accent is really an alternative color of the face (front side) of a drawer or some other smooth surface. Check the images in the column to the right to get an idea how that looks implemented on a real product.

Swatch Accents

So, what do users have to say about this bed? We haven't been able to find enough user comments on the Kids HQ collection to be able to form a valid assessment on it, but there is plenty of buyer accounts on other Berg bunk beds and we can probably safely assume that those findings apply to this collection as well.

The Good

Attractive design -- Berg Furniture makes good looking products, there is hardly any question about that, and the user base concurs unanimously. Excellent design; best design; bed looks fantastic and everyone comments on it; pictures do not do this bed any justice -- these are just a few among many remarks concerning the looks of Berg Furniture loft and bunk beds.

Safety -- Berg's bunk beds are considered among the safest in the whole bunk/loft bed arena thanks to their signature staircase which is included with almost every product. In fact, many buyers assert that the staircase played a crucial role in their decision to get a Berg product. They tout stairs as a safe alternative to beds with ladders; proclaim the stairs are very safe for the young ones that have to get up and down in the middle of the night -- in short, the staircase is viewed as a major safety feature.

Durability -- if it's to believe the actual users, Berg produces some super sturdy and durable furniture. Not surprising, considering the wide surfaces and fortress-like appearance of their formations. Very sturdy; well made; very durable; solid construction -- these are typical comments from average buyers. Some go a bit further to attest that the construction stands up to abuse given by their children, and even testify that it has proven to be very sturdy over the years.

The Not So Good

Negative comments on Berg Furniture loft beds are rare. There are some grievances about the cost; mostly, buyers complain they were enticed into spending more than they intended. A few reviewers expressed a disappointment with Berg's choice of material, due to their belief that engineered wood was inferior to solid wood. Difficulties in changing sheets also get mentioned from time to time, and an occasional buyer finds fault in Berg's products' weight and unwieldiness.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Berg Furniture bunk beds are considered: attractive; comfortable; durable; safer to use than conventional bunk beds due to the use of staircase instead of ladder. They are also a bit pricier than your average bunk bed, but if you can afford one, they do come highly recommended.

Alternate Configurations
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Kids Headquarters

Berg Kids Headquarters Loft Bed

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Kids HQ Study in White

Kids HQ with Study Area in White

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Kids HQ in Nutmeg

Kids Headquarters with Study Area

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Kids HQ Alt View

Kids Headquarters - Alternative View

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Study Area

Study Area

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Kids HQ in Natural

Kids Headquarters in Natural Maple

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