Berg Furniture Kid's Headquarters Collection of Loft Beds

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Note: the Kid's HQ line of furniture seems to no longer be available.

The Berg Kid's Headquarters collection has been conceived as a complete kids bedroom solution; it provides for all the sleep and study / storage / entertainment needs of a single child. These modern styled, new generation lofts are innovative in both their design and functionality, what with their distinctive slanted pillared legs with corner shelves built in for display, or the somewhat unusual height of the loft bed which allows for more headroom and comfort underneath.

So what does come underneath? Basically, you can choose among the Study Area, Storage Area and Entertainment Center.

The study area features a desk which includes six deep drawers, a corkboard and fluorescent light fixture. The desk is computer ready, with a pull out keyboard, a surge protector and a phone jack.

The storage area consists of two chests, each of them housing 6 deep, 23" drawers. Tons of space to put away all your kids' clothes, toys, books and stuff.

The entertainment and game center sports a center bridge that can fit a large screen TV or be raised up to become a roomy desktop. Display bookcases, cubbyholes, CD holders and shelves provide storage space for the media.

Berg Furniture Kids HQ Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

Berg Furniture Kids HQ Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

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