Berg Furniture Play and Study Collection of Loft Beds

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The Berg Furniture Play and Study loft beds represent a classic illustration of a product based on Berg's fundamental philosophy, which says that a positive, supportive environment plays a crucial role in a child's development. Or, in other words, kids bunk bed furniture needs to be nice looking, functional and fun.

The Play and Study lofts are all of the above and more. For starters, no one can dispute their elegant beauty -- just cast a look at the image to the left.

Then there is functionality. This all-in-one system should cater to all the needs of a single child -- and it does. The twin size loft bed up top offers a comfortable and, thanks to the included staircase, an easy-to-access sleeping area. The spacious study section below has everything a child needs to support him/her in homework and studying chores. The full size desk has 6 deep drawers and is computer ready, with a pull out keyboard, a surge protection unit and a phone jack. There is fluorescent light fixture and a corkboard, plus plenty of shelf space for books, computer supplies etc.

So what about fun? The Play and Study system features an innovative idea called an Interior Hideout -- a unique built in play area, illuminated and perfect for hanging out or playing.

Berg Furniture Play and Study Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

Berg Furniture Play and Study Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

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