Berg Furniture Utica Collection of Loft and Bunk Beds

Utica Twin over Full

Berg Furniture Utica Twin over Full Loft Bed with Stairs (click for full review)

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The Berg Utica Collection allows children and their parents a certain freedom in designing their bedroom; the system is sort of semi-modular in design, which basically means that the top bed and Berg's inevitable staircase are fixed components -- they come with each Utica model. What comes underneath the loft, however, is yours to choose among the various sleep, study and storage configurations.

You can go for a full size bed (most common choice), which sports a large storage drawer that will certainly come handy in keeping the clutter in the room under control. Another possibility is the twin size bed; this option provides less sleeping comfort but leaves more space under the bed, which can be used to fit in a smaller student desk.

Then there is the Twin Dorm model, designed to meet all the sleeping and studying needs of a single child. This option features a fully equipped Desk Station and a slightly higher loft, so as to allow more headroom underneath.

The Utica Storage Twin/Twin Bunk Bed caters to those in need for, well, storage. The top bunk is likewise elevated a bit higher in order to make room for 3 drawers placed under the bottom bunk. A trundle bed is available for this bunkbed as an option, but you can also go for two under bed drawers instead and further increase the already respectable amount of storage space.

Berg Furniture Utica Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

Berg Furniture Utica Collection -- Sorted by Popularity

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