Buyers' Guide to Bunk Beds -- Overview

Buying a bunk bed used to be a simple enough thing. You went to a furniture store, a salesperson showed you a selection of, say, 4 or 8 or maybe even 20 or more beds if the store was really good, you took a look at them, considered your options -- with the help of your significant other, maybe, possibly the offspring too -- and half an hour later you walked out of the store an owner of a fabulous, shiny new bunk bed. There was perhaps a choice between wood and metal, conceivably there were a couple of different shapes and configurations, a variety of colors, some optional accessories -- and that was it.

These days things are somewhat more complicated, but that does not necessarily have to be a bad thing; on the contrary. Sure, nothing stops you from doing it the old way, if that is your preference, but you'd be missing on a myriad of diverse, fanciful opportunities that the online bunk bed furniture world has to offer. And even if you do find what you'd call the holy grail of bunk beds at your local store, it is more than likely that you'll get that same product for a greatly reduced price at one of the respectable online stores.

Granted, with all these shiny and attractive pieces of furniture competing for your attention, choosing the right one can be a challenging job, and that's what this site basically is here for -- to help you find the perfect bunk bed or loft bed for your requirements, taking into account possible spatial boundaries and financial restrictions. But before plunging into it, a good thing to do is to take a pause to consider a few things essential for successful purchase.

Basic Considerations

These are fairly obvious, but let's review them anyway for the sake of having all the bases covered. There are two things you need to consider before launching into a bunkbed quest: who will be sleeping on it and where will you put it. Is it for a child or an adult, one person or more, boys or girls etc. Then come the space considerations; the room in which you plan to put the new bed will likely have some influence on both the type and size of the product you will ultimately choose.

Types of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds and loft beds these days come in a multitude of shapes and styles -- from standard, no-nonsence twin over twin bunks to elaborated arrangements worthy of a princess or a prince. Although your choice might be restricted to an extent by the practical and spatial considerations mentioned above, knowing what is actually available is, of course, still a must.

Material -- Wood vs Metal

Wood or metal -- that is the question. There are benefits and drawbacks inherent to both solutions, and in this article you can find out all about it. In addition, you get an overview of the wood types most often used in the manufacturing process.

Optional Items

Bunk beds often come with additional features, sometimes optional, sometimes not. Drawers, trundle beds, tents, matching furniture... Some info about it can't hurt.

Featured Manufacturers

Quality is not something you want to compromise on when buying a bunk bed. A name on the label, recognizable and respected, will go a long way toward assurance that your purchase has been a sound one. Find a few such names in this overview.

Where to Buy -- Online Retailers

Wide selection, quality service, competitive prices -- these are three basic attributes essential to a good bunk bed store. In our opinion, the outfits listed here comply with these demands to a considerable degree.

Safety Guidelines

As far as the purchasing process goes, the main thing regarding safety that you need to pay attention to is that the product is in compliance with consumer safety specifications and government regulations for bunk beds. To the best of our knowledge, all products featured at this site are. Once the bed is installed and put to use, you will need to adhere to a few sound practices described in this article -- this will make sure the possibility of an incident is kept to a minimum.

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