Buyers' Guide: Optional Items

Bunk beds and loft beds often come with practical additional features that can enliven the product in the visual sense, as well as make your life easier -- some extra storage space, for example, can be quite a bonus, plus kids tend to regard their house keeping obligations more seriously (even consider it fun) if there are some secret nooks to stash the toys and clothes and stuff in. Most of the additions can be chosen as an option; however, in some cases they are an integral part of the design -- which can be a good thing too.

Storage Drawers

Storage drawers are likely the most common optional item chosen by bunk bed buyers. Typically they are installed under the bottom bunk, while with loft beds they routinely come in the form of a built-in dresser or a chest. Underbed drawers are often put on rollers; some solutions also include guiding tracks, and some don't -- the disadvantage here is that the drawers can look askew if not carefully rolled in. According to some, the roller drawers are not very practical if the bed is put on very thick carpeting -- opinions on this differ, though. Certainly a fully integrated solution incorporating well implemented guiding tracks is a better solution, but also tends to be more expensive. Below are a few examples of bunk beds and loft beds with built in storage -- click on images to enlarge.

Atlantic Furniture Colorado - Underbed Drawers

Underbed drawers on rollers -- as implemented with the Atlantic Furniture Colorado Bunk Bed

Lea Deer Run Bunk Bed with Captain's Bed Box

Fully integrated Captain's Bed Box solution -- as found on the Lea Deer Run Bunk Bed

Berg Space Saver Twin Loft with 2 Chests

Complex integrated solution with 2 chests and storage stairs -- found on the Berg Sierra Space Saver Loft Bed

Full Size Low Loft with Dresser

A dresser and bookcase designed to fit under the low loft -- as implemented on the Maxtrix Kids Full Size Low Loft

Study Desk

A loft bed with desk underneath is a very popular combination. The desk can be a simple studying surface spanning the entire width of the bed or an elaborate computer station equipped with an electrical outlet, light fixture, sliding keyboard tray and storage drawers. Solutions built into the side of the bed are also quite common; their advantage is, they allow for the placement of another bed under the loft. The images below show a couple of illustrations - Click to Enlarge.

Berg Space Saver Twin Loft with 2 Chests

Computer desk with drawers built into the side of the bed -- as found on the Berg Enterprise Twin/Full Bunk Bed

Full Size Low Loft with Dresser

Classic loft bed with desk surface below -- as implemented on the Lea Elite Classics Loft Bed


Bunk beds and loft beds with built in stairs are the ultimate solution when it comes to safety. If you'd like to get a bunk bed to your child but can't come to grips with the idea of her/him climbing that ladder up and down over and over -- then this is the way to go. And, you get a few nice deep storage drawers as a bonus.

Berg Space Saver Twin Loft with 2 Chests

Classic bunk bed with built in staircase -- as implemented on the Berg Enterprise Twin over Twin

Full Size Low Loft with Dresser

Low loft bed with pull-out desk, chest and stairs -- as found on the Berg Captains Bed with Desk

Trundle Beds

These are mini beds that can be rolled out from underneath the bottom bunk. Trundles are usually used as spare or emergency beds -- they can be a nifty solution for sleepover and guest situations.

Lea Deer Run

Lea Deer Run Twin over Full Bunk Bed -- featuring a trundle bed unit

Atlantic Furniture Trundle Unit

Stripped-down trundle unit -- used by Atlantic Furniture Bunk Beds

Freestanding Furniture

Nearly all bunk bed manufacturers offer optional items that are not attached to the bed frame -- dressers, chests, nightstands, bookshelves, armoires, desks, hutches, mirrors, you name it. Click on images below to check out a couple of complete bunk bed sets.

Lea Austin Set

Lea Austin Set -- featuring a drawer chest and student desk with hutch

Atlantic Furniture Columbia Set

Atlantic Furniture Columbia Set -- with desk, hutch and 4-shelf bookcase

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