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What is about?

The objective of this website is to help you find the best bunk bed or loft bed for your needs at the best available price. Only products from well known manufacturers and reputable importers are featured here -- no merchandise of unknown origins and dubious quality. You can browse bunk beds by configuration (or size), by price, by manufacturer, or go directly for one of the various popular categories. The majority of bunk bed reviews -- and to an extent the decision whether or not any given product will appear at this site at all -- are based on user opinions: we are continually scouring the many shopping oriented sites out there and transforming the gathered information into concise reports on individual products with the accent on quality and durability, design, comfort, ease of assembly -- and, of course, the price. In addition, you'll find here a range of articles on the subject, including a complete buyers' guide to bunk beds.

Can I buy a bunk bed here?

No. Not directly. is not an online store. However, on each of our product review pages there is a link that will take you directly to the product page of a selected online retailer that in our opinion offers the best deal on that particular bunk bed. So, essentially, you are just one click away from being able to buy any item reviewed on this site.

Why does the price of an item listed here not match the price of the same item displayed at an online store?

There can be more than one reason for that.

First: quite often there are several bunk bed sizes and configurations available from a single product line; some stores do not display each of the configurations separately, but rather have a single page dedicated to the whole line, and the price displayed is that of the basic or entry-level configuration: the lowest one. For example, you may have a choice among twin over twin, twin over full, and perhaps twin over futon versions of the same design line, and, since the twin over twin bunk bed is usually priced the lowest, that is the price displayed on the store's product page. If you want to order another version from the same line, usually you need to choose it from the drop-down menu, where you'll also be offered optional items, if available.

On our site, however, each product is usually displayed on a separate page, mainly for this reason: to avoid confusion about prices. If, say, a particular twin over full bunk bed has caught your attention, on its product page you can see its exact current price as featured at the store which in our opinion offers the best deal on that item. There's no need for you to visit several websites, do a tedious search for the same product several times, click on drop-down menus and add whatever the additional amount is to the bed's basic price -- we have done all that work for you. Note that prices for the same bunk bed or loft bunk bed can vary significantly from outfit to outfit (we're talking hundreds of dollars in some cases), so all that research can actually pay off.

Second: sometimes the stores bundle bunk and loft beds with popular optional items (storage drawers, nightstand, desk -- could be anything, really) and their listed price of course reflects that. However, if the optional item can be removed from the cart -- as often is the case -- we will show the price of the primary product only, as it's our policy to display the lowest possible amount you need to pay for any given bunk bed.

Third: the price at our site may just be outdated. If that is the case, please accept our humble apology. We do try our hardest to keep the information here up to date, but an occasional slip is always possible.

There are a few online retailers specializing in bunk beds out there -- why not just browse their site(s) and pick a bed from their selection?

That is certainly a possibility. However, finding a bunk bed through does have some advantages.

Best deals: with each piece of furniture featured here comes a price quote from one of the online stores supported by this website which in our opinion offers the best deal on the given product. The best deal most often means the lowest price, but not always; we do also take into account the shipping charges (if any), level of delivery service, availability and prices of add-ons and matching furniture etc. For instance, it will do you little good if a store lists the lowest price on a product just to slap you with a $200 shipping charge on the way out. Furthermore, some stores offer in-home delivery and even setup for certain items all within the listed price, while others don't -- if the price difference is small enough, we'll consider the offer with inside delivery and setup a better deal. Another example: one store offers a bunk bed bundled with a couple of mattresses for a slightly higher price -- if we find some positive user feedback on the quality of bundled mattresses we might consider this a better deal. But again, the price difference has to be small; basic price of the bare-bones model is always the first and foremost criteria in determining what the best deal is.

Condensed reviews are another advantage of this site. For some beds, hundreds of user opinions can be found -- it could take you hours to go through them, and that's for just one item. On the other hand, for some products it's a job finding a single user opinion. In either case, you'd spend tons of time on something that has already been done: many of our reviews include a summary of user opinions gathered from the numerous stores and shopping comparison sites out there -- with a single glance, you are able to see both the strongest and weakest points of each individual bunk bed, and just a couple of more minutes spent perusing the article will provide you with plenty of information that can help you decide whether or not this is the bunk bed for you.

Finding what you're after might be easier at too. You can browse bunk beds by configuration, by price, by manufacturer, or go for one of the popular miscellaneous categories -- these are based on phrases people search for most often. Note that all the categories have been compiled by hand -- an actual living person selected each bunk or loft bed and put it into the appropriate section(s). There are no computer generated listings -- which can come out somewhat inaccurate, incomplete and in some cases downright messy -- to be found here. In addition, you can do a search for the term/product you're after; our search facility is powered by the mighty Google engine so the returned results should be relevant.

Why are there no user-based reviews on some bunk beds?

In some cases few or no user opinions can be found on a particular product. There could be more than one reason for that; the bed could be new or simply not very popular. In our opinion this does not generally reflect negatively on the product's quality. In fact, since we are all more likely to take the time and energy to report a negative experience about a product or service than the positive one -- the lack of response can actually be viewed as a good thing. In any case, if the bunk bed comes from a reputable manufacturer we'll list it here and possibly put in a few words gathered from buyers of that manufacturer's other products -- chances are great their feedback will be quite relevant. At the very least you'll have an idea on how the buyers feel about this manufacturer, which in itself is worth quite a bit.

Are shipping charges included in the prices displayed on this website?

No. However, be advised that both and offer free shipping on everything, and offers free shipping on almost everything -- so the prices listed on their respective websites are usually equal to the amount you'll be charged. That is, if we disregard the sales tax and of course unless you choose to upgrade the shipping service or order some optional item.

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