Lea Furniture Deer Run Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Lea Deer Run Twin over Twin

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Lea Furniture ceased operations on December 31, 2014.

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Crafted of hardwood solids, cherry veneers and wood products

Solid posts joined by metal dowels provide strength and stability of construction

Brown Cherry finish

Antique pewter hardware

Includes bed ends, slats, headboard, footboard, guard rails, ladder

Dimensions: 80" W x 43" D x 73" H

Weight capacity for top bunk: 150 - 200 lbs.

Accommodates the (optional) Dual Function Underbed Storage Unit or Captain's Bed Box

Can be separated into two individual beds

Ladder can be used on either side of the bed

Accommodates the maximum of 11" of mattress and foundation

Accepts the Tri-Bunk Extension

Safety: the manufacturer certifies that bunk bed and loft bed designs are tested and independently certified to meet all requirements of ASTM F-1427 standard consumer safety specification for bunk beds and the government code of federal regulations 1213 and 1513

Buyers on Deer Run Collection:


attractive design

easy to assemble


finishing blemishes


The Deer Run collection is one of Lea Furniture's most popular collections, and it's not immoderate to say that Deer Run bunk beds and loftbeds are a big hit among youngsters and teens alike. In addition to its classic lifestyle look complemented by Brown Cherry finish and Antiqued Pewter hardware -- an appearance which makes these bunk beds fit effortlessly into pretty much any kind of environment -- the thing that contributed to their popularity most of all was the new way of thinking and solving the sleep, space and study related problems that this collection has introduced. Yes, we're talking about Extensions -- an innovative approach to creating additional sleep options that utilize the available space with utmost efficiency. The Extensions, combined with matching furniture, provide comprehensive youth bedroom solutions and are especially appreciated by families with multiple children (check the available configurations by clicking on thumbnails in the column to the right).

All bunk beds from Deer Run series, no matter what size, can also accommodate one of the two available optional units which are mounted under the bottom bed: the Dual Function Underbed Storage Unit can serve as either a trundle bed or a lower-capacity storage system. The Captain's Bed Box, on the other hand, is meant as a more comprehensive storage solution; it accommodates four large drawers plus one adjustable shelf and one bolt-on rail. In addition, a second Bed Box can be purchased and mounted on the other side of the bed to double the available storage space -- of course, this is feasible only if the bed is placed sufficiently away from the wall. Note: in order to fit the Bed Box in, the bottom bunk needs to be raised (it has two rail heights), but that will somewhat decrease the available headroom on the lower bunk. Some users have complained about it -- learn more in "The Not So Good" section below.

Dual Function UnitCaptain's Bed Box

As always, the Deer Run bunk beds come with the quality expected from Lea Furniture; here are a few construction-related features provided by the manufacturer itself:

Solid Posts and Metal Dowels -- solid hardwood posts, joined by thick metal dowel pins where necessary, provide superior strength and stability of construction.

Secure Attachments -- ladders and guard rails attach to bed rails with screws or bolts. Bed rails are fastened through posts with steel bolts.

Stable Bed Rails -- the bed rails are made of multi-ply construction instead of solid. This prevents warping or splitting in an area where beds need the most strength.

Safe Spacing -- all components are properly spaced to prevent children from dangerous pinch-points and help protect from entanglement.

Bed Slats -- the provided bed slats are located using predetermined slots in side rails preventing unsafe spacing; these are fastened with screws, adding integrity to the bed.

To learn more about the Deer Run collection of youth furniture, check out the Deer Run catalog supplied by the manufacturer.

That's all nice and good, you might think, but what do the buyers say? Read on.

The Good

Quality of Build -- there are tons of reviews on Deer Run bunk beds out there and it is almost impossible to find one that does not mention the product's sturdiness in a favorable way: sturdy, durable, heavy, oozes quality, well built, no squeaking, very solid, impressive, outstanding, substantial -- these are the adjectives most often used to describe the craftsmanship of this product and they are repeated over and over. Confidence in the strength of the construction has been proclaimed quite a few times, in some cases after an adult has successfully challenged the integrity of the top bed. Every now and then an odd reviewer would even go as far as to predict the future and declare that their bed will last a very long time -- or forever. Clairvoyance seems to be quite common among the Deer Run buyers. Materials are praised as being of high quality: rich solid wood, as one reviewer described it. What's interesting to note is that quite often there is an element of surprise accompanying these assessments; a fair share of users literally proclaimed that the bed exceeded their expectations, that it was much more substantial or stronger than expected. Come on, folks, just because something is purchased online does not automatically mean it will be of inferior quality, you know.

Attractiveness -- the good looks of this bunk bed are referred to almost as often as its sturdiness. The comments, typically, are not overly passionate; that is, this bed does not elicit exalted exclamations such as "absolutely gorgeous" or "divinely beautiful" as is the case with some of its kin, but that is to be expected, actually, given its somewhat sober classic lifestyle look. Nice looking, very attractive -- these are the most common remarks related to this bed's appearance. Many a reviewer, however, took a moment to point out that the product looks much nicer up close than pictured. The color, especially, is described as much deeper rich stain, or much darker, than the images would let you believe, but this is invariably met with satisfaction and even delight. Which is the most important thing for a prospective buyer to take out of this paragraph: in reality, the bed looks darker than on images. People generally like it, but then, you might not.

Assembly -- you're supposed to get free inside delivery and (basic) setup for this product. However, as not all stores carry this policy -- and who's to say that those who do won't change it in the future -- here are a few words on this bed's assembly: it's easy. Or so would the majority of reviewers have us believe. The product arrives in lots of boxes, which can be rather intimidating, but the directions are said to be very clear, all the hardware there, the bolt holes lined up great, and the only thing that is reported to be a bit tough is lifting the top bunk when finalizing the assembly.

The Not So Good

While the overwhelming majority of reviews for Deer Run line of bunk beds are positive, it is just impossible to expect that a few dissenting opinions would not crop up -- especially given the volume of reports on this product. So what are the complaints about? All sorts of things, really. The finish attracted a few not-so-favorable remarks: blemishes, drips and runs, nicks and dents after a few moths of use. There are some reports about slats not giving enough support; however, note that a possibility exists that at least some of the complaining users for some reason did not receive the proper slat packs that go with this product. These are 8cm wide and 3cm thick and should really do the job. While we're on the subject of slats, one user also complained about them being rough and full of splinters, which makes it hard to tuck in the bedding. Making the bed seems also to be a bit difficult -- but that is a problem associated with all bunk beds.

Finally, a complaint that we've encountered quite often, and one you should probably pay most attention to, is that there is not enough space between the bottom and top bunk. Most likely this pertains to configurations featuring under bed storage: in order to fit the Captain's Bed Box underneath it, the bottom bunk has to be lifted a few inches higher -- the Deer Run line allows for that possibility -- but the consequence is, headroom on the lower bunk shrinks. It should probably be okay for a smaller child, but reportedly a medium sized adult would not be able to sit up. So, while the Captain's Bed Box is an excellent addition for the amount of storage it provides, you should be aware that there is a bit of a downside to it as well.

Bottom Line

The mere fact that Deer Run bunk beds are among the most popular items manufactured by Lea Industries -- and probably belong to the top few of the most sought after bunk beds in general -- speaks volumes. People wouldn't buy them if they weren't good, and the comments such as: very impressed with the product; the quality speaks for itself; bed turned out to be ten times nicer than expected -- merely serve as a confirmation of that fact. But there is one other line that has caught our attention simply because it gets repeated over and over; and the reason why it gets repeated is, in our humble opinion, because it gives the parents the most satisfaction. And what is this line, you wonder? It's quite simple: the kids LOVE it!

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