Lea Furniture Getaway Loft Bed

Lea Getaway Loft Bed

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Lea Furniture ceased operations on December 31, 2014.

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Constructed of select hardwoods, veneers, wood products and simulated wood products

White finish

Includes bed ends, slats, guard rails, ladder

Accommodates the optional loft bed tent

Twin size dimensions: 83" W x 47" D x 74" H

Full size dimensions: 83" W x 62 " D x 74" H

Weight capacity for top bunk: 150 - 200 lbs.

Ladder can be used on either side of the bed

Accommodates the maximum of 11" of mattress and foundation

Safety: the manufacturer certifies that bunk bed and loft bed designs are tested and independently certified to meet all requirements of ASTM F-1427 standard consumer safety specification for bunk beds and the government code of federal regulations 1213 and 1513

Buyers on Getaway Collection:




good support

easy assembly

tent is fun

needs more support

difficult to tuck sheets


The loft bed must be the most popular item in Lea's Getaway collection; a simple yet elegant design featuring slatted bed ends coupled with the fresh white finish leads to a highly attractive, girly look that can hardly go unnoticed. Crafted from a combination of fine hardwoods, veneers, wood products and simulated wood products, these loft beds come sturdy and durable, with a quality guarantee that is expected from anything that is connected to the La-Z-Boy name. The Getaway loft beds come in twin and full size and can be supplemented by a wide range of matching furniture; the set shown in the image above, with the 3 drawer dresser, large hutch and 4 drawer desk is probably one of the most popular ones, but there are other options too: nightstand, entertainment center, mirrors, different dressers, chests, hutches -- a variety of pieces and configurations that will allow anyone to create a functional environment suited to their individual needs.

To learn more about this collection, download The Getaway Catalog (right click and save as) compiled by the manufacturer.

So let's see what do the actual users say about The Getaway loft beds. With plenty of reviews out there on this collection, the following should be a fair assessment of the beds' quality and general appeal.

The Good

Space -- daughter's room is small and we needed more space -- this seems to be almost like a mantra repeated over and over by the reviewers of this bed. The space saving capabilities of the Lea Getaway Loft Bed are definitely its most appreciated aspect, especially by those who live in condos, small houses -- any place really where space in children's rooms is at a premium. The loft bed is reported to have the ability to really open up the usefulness of the room, allowing it to not feel overcrowded no matter how small it may be. Previously cramped rooms with no space to play are said to have been overturned into pleasant little havens, to the delight of both the kids and parents alike. The area under the bed really sparks the kids' imagination and instantly becomes their favorite place to be; some turn it into a "house," or an "office," or their special place to escape from siblings and -- be aware -- it's been known to happen that even adults have not been allowed in. Of course, the area does also work great for the mundane stuff: storage, doing homework and such.

Attractiveness -- this is a highly attractive loft bed we have here and that reflects in the users' comments on the subject: very girly and pretty; cool looking; attractive design; nice finish; adorable as a picture; bed is just darling and looks great -- these are some of the attributes/phrases used by reviewers to convey their opinions on the product's appearance. Note that this loft bed seems to be intended almost exclusively for girls; so far we have not been able to find a single review that would start with: so I bought this bed for my son...

Quality of Build -- Lea's loft beds and bunk beds generally get excellent grades for their sturdiness and quality of build and this one is no exception. Feels pretty sturdy; very high quality; bed is well built; extremely sturdy; great quality bed; really well constructed; solid and very special; quality materials; feels secure; durable with solid construction -- comments such as these are repeated all the time. It's also been reported that the bed feels strong and sturdy even with an adult lying up there together with a child.

Assembly -- you're supposed to get free inside delivery and setup for this product. This, however, seems to be a bit of a hit and miss affair -- not everyone was too happy about the service they received. While there are reports out there from buyers claiming to be really impressed by the professional attitude and skills of the delivery crew -- they were in and out in 30 minutes, as one user put it -- some reviewers paint the exact opposite picture: the installers did a questionable job; they did not bring the right tools; did not discard the packing materials; some parts did not fit right. So, your mileage may vary, as they say.

The Not So Good

Apart from the assembly issues mentioned above, the only other "not so good" thing about The Getaway Loft Bed that we've seen repeated several times has to do with mattress support; the included slats, apparently, are spaced too far apart and don't do a really great job of it. The advice is to add more slats or a separate bunkie board to remedy the problem. A couple of users also complained about the finish; cracked and chipping paint, parts not sanded enough -- is how they put it.

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Getaway Full Size Loft

Lea Getaway Full Loft with Matching Furniture

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Lea Getaway Loft with Tent

Lea Getaway Twin Loft with Pink/Purple Tent

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Getaway Full Loft with Furniture

Lea Getaway Full Size Loft Bed Set

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Getaway Basic Loft

Lea Getaway Loft Bed -- Stripped

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