Lea Furniture Getaway Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Lea Getaway Twin over Twin

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Lea Furniture ceased operations on December 31, 2014.

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Constructed of select hardwoods, veneers, wood products and simulated wood products

White finish

Includes bed ends, slats, guard rails, ladder

Accommodates the optional bunk bed tent

Dimensions: 80" W x 41" D x 74" H

Weight capacity for top bunk: 150 - 200 lbs.

Accepts the (optional) Dual Function Underbed Storage Unit or Drawer Bed Box

Can be separated into two individual beds

Ladder can be used on either side of the bed

Accommodates the maximum of 11" of mattress and foundation

Bed features flat end caps instead of mushroom shaped finials as depicted in the image

Safety: the manufacturer certifies that bunk bed and loft bed designs are tested and independently certified to meet all requirements of ASTM F-1427 standard consumer safety specification for bunk beds and the government code of federal regulations 1213 and 1513

Buyers on Getaway Collection:




good support

easy assembly

tent is fun

needs more support

difficult to tuck sheets


The Getaway is one of Lea Furniture's most popular collections, and not without reason; the subtle Mission style design featuring gently arched bed ends, coupled with the fresh, bright white finish, creates a look that is sure to draw a lot of attention, especially among the female population. Crafted from a combination of fine hardwoods, veneers, wood products and simulated solid wood products, the Getaway bunk beds and loft beds come sturdy and durable, with a quality guarantee that is expected from Lea.

The Getaway bunk beds are available in twin over twin and twin over full configurations; the loft beds come in twin and full size also. However, The Getaway collection is much more than just a few bunk and loftbeds; it offers a variety of pieces and configurations that will allow anyone to create a functional environment suited to their individual needs.

Another reason why The Getaway beds enjoy such popularity are surely the optional bunk bed tents. Two color combinations are available, blue-red and pink-purple. The tents can be mounted on bunk beds and loft beds alike -- click on thumbnails below to see how that looks.

Blue TentPink Tent

To learn more about this collection, download The Getaway Catalog (right click and save as) compiled by the manufacturer.

So let's see what do the actual users say about The Getaway bunk beds. With plenty of reviews out there on this collection, the following should be a fair assessment of the beds' quality and general appeal.

The Good

Quality of Build -- it is customary for Lea manufactured products to get good reviews on the craftsmanship and durability and this one is no exception. Very durable; solid construction; feels sturdy; quality of wood is very nice; the ladder is very stable; quite solid; extremely sturdy and heavy -- these are few comments made by users that, slightly varied, get repeated over and over. No creaking or moving also gets mentioned now and then, and the bed is reported to happily accept a parent on the top bunk along with the child if some comforting is needed during a bad dream or simply for a bit of reading before sleep.

Attractiveness -- although images don't always succeed in conveying the actual good (or not so good) looks of a given product, in this case they do a decent job of it; even so, many a reviewer reported that up close the bed looked even nicer than expected. Beautiful, actually, is is the attribute most often used in this regard: very beautiful piece; very nice and beautiful bed; most beautiful bed; bed itself is beautiful -- you get the picture. The bed's gracefulness and feminine design have also been brought forward on a couple of occasions -- note that it is very apparent from users' comments that this bunk bed is being purchased to be used exclusively by girls: to daughters, grand-daughters, nieces etc.

Assembly -- you're supposed to get free inside delivery and setup for this product. However, as there are a few reviews where buyers report assembling the bed themselves, we have to assume that not all stores carry this (delivery and setup) policy. Don't fret, though, even if you do end up having to put it together yourself, it is reportedly quite easy to do so; and that's without any directions too, since those, apparently, are not included (and why would they be if the setup is supposed to be done by professionals). And professional they are (the setup team), at least according to a couple of reviewers who reported they didn't have to lift a finger to move or set up any of the pieces. Totally impressed, is how one of them put it.

The Not So Good

The complaints about this bunk bed are few, and, we'd venture to say, the common ones. Missing parts, screws and such are reported on occasion -- a problem easy enough to solve, if vexing to deal with. Difficulties in making the bed and tucking in the sheets are also on the list, but this is an issue common to all bunkbeds. One user mentioned a thin coat of paint in certain spots of the bed. A few times we've encountered an objection about mattress support; it seems some buyers feel the slats that ship with the bed are insufficient, especially for a heavier child. Buying a bunkie board to go underneath the mattresses is recommended in order to cure the problem.

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