Lea Furniture My Place Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Lea My Place Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Lea Furniture my Place Twin over Twin Bunk Bed - Click to Enlarge

Lea Furniture ceased operations on December 31, 2014.

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Constructed of select hardwoods, veneers, wood products and simulated wood products

Maple finish

Includes 2 headboards, 2 footboards, 8 finials, guard rails, slats and ladder

Weight capacity for top bunk: 150 - 200 lbs.

Dimensions: 82" W x 41" D x 76" H

Accommodates the (optional) Dual Function Underbed Storage Unit which can be used either for storage or as trundle bed

Can be separated into two individual beds

Ladder can be mounted on either side of the bed

Accommodates the maximum of 11" of mattress and foundation

Safety: the manufacturer certifies that bunk bed and loft bed designs are tested and independently certified to meet all requirements of ASTM F-1427 standard consumer safety specification for bunk beds and the government code of federal regulations 1213 and 1513

Buyers on My Place Bunk Beds:




good support

tent is fun

hard to make bed

could use more support


The My Place bunk beds from Lea feature pretty much identical design as The Getaway bunk and loft beds -- it is the same subtle Mission styling with gently arched bed ends. The difference lies in the color; while The Getaway collection is finished in bright white, the My Place finish is maple, making it suitable for both boys and girls. The construction is similar also: a combination of fine hardwoods, veneers, wood products and simulated wood products is used, which, combined with Lea's traditional quality craftsmanship, results in strong and durable products.

Another feature that is common to both Getaway and My Place bunk and loft beds -- and one of the reasons why they are so popular -- are the optional window tents. Two color combinations are available, blue-red and pink-purple. The tents can be mounted on bunk beds and loft beds alike -- click on thumbnails below to see how that looks.

Blue TentPink Tent

The My Place bunk beds are available in twin/twin and twin/full configurations. Both are expandable with a Dual Function Underbed Storage Unit, which is Lea's fancy name for a trundle bed that can also be divided in three compartments and used for storage.

Dual Function Unit

As is customary with Lea, the My Place collection too comes with a set of matching furniture, which is an especial boon; not only can you have multiple levels of beds, but you can add pieces such as night stands, chests and hutches within the bed system to add functionality and to save on space.

To learn more about My Place bunk and loft beds (as well as other furniture from that collection), check out the My Place catalog supplied by the manufacturer.

So what do the actual buyers say about My Place bunk and loft beds? While this collection has not garnered as much user reviews as its sister (The Getaway) line, there is just enough data out there to make some conclusions...

The Good

Durability -- this is the thing users seem to be impressed with the most when it comes to My Place bunk and loft beds. There is hardly a reviewer out there that has failed to express her/his content with the overall quality and sturdiness of the piece when assembled. Phrases such as: very sturdy; excellent quality craftsmanship; very sturdy excellent bed; extremely solid; sturdy and feels safe -- are used to describe the product's build quality. And yes, it does get repetitive. Quality of wood also received some praise, and a few users expressed their confidence that the bed will last for a long time.

Attractiveness -- just one look at any of the pictures reveals that this is an attractive looking bed and it's hardly necessary for anyone to tell you that. Still, people do comment on it: looks great; attractive; love the design -- that sort of thing.

Assembly -- you're supposed to get free inside delivery and setup for this product. From a couple of accounts about the process, it can be concluded the buyers were quite happy with the experience. The crew did a marvelous job and were very careful and competent, is how one user put it. However, note that there are also people (buyers of different products) who have not been so happy about the whole affair. So, it would appear this is a bit of a hit and miss affair. Your mileage may vary. Or whatever expression applies here.

The Not So Good

Among the few reviews out there, there is nothing that would indicate at a serious flaw inherent to the My Place line of bunk and loft beds. One user stated she'd have preferred the ladder was placed on one long side of the bed instead of the short end. Another expressed a wish for additional slats at the extreme ends of the bed. That's all, so far.

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