Lea Furniture Spring Garden Low Loft Bed

Lea Spring Garden Low Loft Bed with Tent

Spring Garden Low Loft Bed in White with Pink Tent - Click to Enlarge

Lea Furniture ceased operations on December 31, 2014.

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Crafted of select hardwoods and wood products

Available in cloud white and petal pink finishes

Includes bed ends, slats, guard rails and ladder

Accepts the (optional) tent

Weight capacity for top bunk: 150 - 200 lbs.

Dimensions: 81" W x 44" D x 62" H

Ladder can be mounted on either side of the bed

Accommodates the maximum of 11" of mattress and foundation

Safety: the manufacturer certifies that bunk bed and loft bed designs are tested and independently certified to meet all requirements of ASTM F-1427 standard consumer safety specification for bunk beds and the government code of federal regulations 1213 and 1513

Buyers on SG Low Loft Bed:




tent is fun

soft feel


The Spring Garden collection by Lea Industries should, as the name suggests, bring the warmth of spring in your little girl's room. With Low Loft Bed as the room's centerpiece and matching pieces arranged around and below it, you can create a perfect setup for sleep, study and storage with everything still at your daughter's fingertips. The Spring Garden Junior Loft is just as sturdy as any of Lea's larger beds -- it may in fact be even sturdier, due to its compact build. The lower height also makes it safer, simply for the fact that there is less to fall from. Add to the mix the bed's undeniable charm, throw in the optional tent to increase the fun factor and what you get as the end result is the nucleus of a perfect environment for a child to grow up in.

Learn more about this collection from the Spring Garden catalog -- supplied by Lea.

So let's what do the buyers think about this product. There aren't too many user reviews on it out there yet, however, some patterns have emerged and here they are.

The Good

Attractiveness -- this bed is so cute; this bed is definitely cute; very cute bed -- cute cute cute, this seems to be all you can hear from the reviewers of the Spring Garden Low Loft. Okay, not all of them, to be fair; some do say beautiful or great looking instead, but the message is pretty clear: the appearance of this loft bed is well liked. No wonder, really. The thing is so cute...

Quality of Build -- by and large, users are very happy with the sturdiness and durability of this product. It is agreed the bed is very well built and stable, and also sturdy, solid and of good quality. One particular user reported their bed was still in perfect condition after two years of use -- no creaks or broken pieces yet.

Usability -- what loft bunk beds do best is create more space in a room, and this one is not an exception. Although lower than usual, the bed will still accept a dresser or a chest or any other storage solution underneath the bedframe. However, judging by the user reviews, the space below is used by far most often as the child's fun retreat; to read or play or hang out with friends or whatever. Of course, this works especially well if the optional window tent is fitted as well.

The Not So Good

Some dissent on the build quality does exist. A reviewer reported the guard railing cracked after a short use and described the wood as very soft and easy to dent. Another one complained about a few scratches on the finish and asserted the bed loosened up when moved.


Spring Garden Low Loft in Pink

Lea Spring Garden Low Loft Bed in Pink

Lea Spring Garden Low Loft with Tent

Lea Spring Garden Low Loft with Tent

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