Full Size Loft Beds

Full size loft beds could be considered a sort of deluxe version of regular twin size lofts: they serve the same purpose -- which is providing a place to sleep for a single person while opening the space below for a multitude of possible uses -- but the full size mattress they can accommodate offers a considerably higher comfort.

Typically, full size lofts are used by kids who have reached a stage of development in which twin beds can no longer offer them enough comfort: teenagers, mostly, or perhaps an odd tween pre-destined to become a basketball player. Young adults living in space challenged quarters love them too. Many parents also prefer getting a bigger bed even if their child is still years away from actually needing one. Why? Many reasons: bigger bed could be considered a little safer; smaller kids can appreciate the extra comfort as well; if the bed is of good quality they save themselves from having to buy another one in the future.

As you can see from our selection, full size lofts come in a wide variety of configurations, shapes, heights and colors. You will find loft beds with desk, with stairs, with or without storage... Take a look.

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Full Loft Beds -- Sorted by Popularity

Full Loft Beds -- Sorted by Popularity

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