Loft Beds

By definition, a loft bed is any bed raised off the ground high enough so that the space underneath can be utilized in a productive manner -- be that as a play area or as a surface to place some furniture on.

The primary use for loft beds, therefore, is of a space saving nature -- which is why they are often placed in smaller kids' rooms, dorm rooms and such. The space underneath can accommodate a study desk, storage furniture, another bed -- there is a multitude of choices, really, and manufacturers often offer options designed specifically to go with the main product that fit the space under the loft perfectly.

Beside being very practical, loft beds also come with an added value of being adored by kids; the elevated bedframe is reminiscent of a tree house and the young ones just love not only sleeping, but also playing, hanging out and in general spending time on, below, and around them. Many options are offered to enhance the experience, from simple curtains designed to enclose the under bed area, to elaborate castle lofts worthy of a princess or a knight.

Loft beds come in many different sizes, shapes, colors... to make it easier for you to find the perfect one for your needs / taste / budget, we have divided them into a few popular categories -- see the links below. Or you could just start browsing the entire motley selection right here.

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Loft Beds -- Sorted by Popularity -- Page 1

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