Bunk Beds and Loft Beds with Desk

Bunk beds, or, more accurately, loft beds with desk are an increasingly popular configuration that has proven -- many a parent will attest to that -- to be helpful in more than one way. To start with the obvious, such a combination will resolve or at least help with space issues inherent to any smaller room. But that's not all. The lesser known effect that a workstation bunk bed usually creates is that of getting your offspring -- somehow, magically -- to spend more time with books and homework. Think that's impossible? Try it. Stranger things have happened.

Note that loft beds with desk come in many different shapes and sizes: from elaborate study stations fully equipped with electrical outlets, light fixtures and sliding keyboard trays -- offered by Berg Furniture or Maxtrix Kids -- to really simple solutions with just a desk surface that usually spans the entire width of the bed -- featured by some Powell or Lea loft beds. Of course, the prices also vary according to the complexity of the configuration.

Most of the products featured here (with just a couple of exceptions) come with desk as an inherent part of the design. However, if you can't really find anything to your liking, you might have more luck browsing the rest of the selection: there are tons of bunk and loft beds featured on this site and almost all of them have a desk of this sort or that available as an option.

Bunk and Loft Beds with Desk -- Sorted by Popularity

Lea Jackson Creek Twin over Loft Bed

Lea Furniture Jackson Creek Loft Bed

Best Price: $1,417.50

Bunk and Loft Beds with Desk -- Sorted by Popularity

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