Bunk Beds and Loft Beds with Slide

Is there a more fun way of starting a day than just sliding right down into it? Not likely. Well, perhaps parachuting out of bed might be even more fun (or not), but it's not exactly a feasible option for everyone, so the majority of us will have to settle for a slide as the second best thing.

Kidding aside, there are some fabulous options presented here that take the loftbed experience to a whole new level and are sure to enrich the life of your little princess or a budding knight; these elaborate castles / playhouses will turn any room into a regular indoor playground and bring about plenty of laughs and fun times -- something for her/him to remember with fondness and nostalgia as a grown-up.

Note that all the slides here are paired with low loft beds -- usually no more than 50 inches high, with the mattresses lying only about 40 inches off the ground -- which is great for safety reasons (much less to fall from) and makes it possible for these beds to be (ab)used by younger kids too.

Loft Beds with Slide -- Sorted by Popularity

Loft Beds with Slide -- Sorted by Popularity

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