Bunk Beds and Loft Beds with Tent

Bunk beds are fun. That's a widely accepted fact. Just ask any kid. True, they do have other advantages too -- such as freeing up lots of floor space in a shared bedroom and helping the kids stay organized -- but that stuff is more important to parents. Kids care little or nothing about managing space in a cramped room: to them, the most important thing is that bunk beds -- and loft beds, let's not forget those -- are fun.

In a child's mind, a bunk bed can be a pirate ship today, a castle tomorrow and a tree house the day after. And this brings us to the fact that should be interesting to parents too: bunk beds and loft beds promote creativity and imagination in children and this tendency should be fostered. How? Well, how about stepping up on the fun factor for starters. Simply adding a curtain with windows to enclose the underbed area of a loft bed will help a lot. And you might as well go for the tent up top too if it's not already included. Of course, if your spatial (and financial) situation permits, you'd probably do best just going all the way and choosing one of the castle lofts -- Camelot or King's for boys, Princess for girls -- for the ultimate playground-in-a-room experience.

Note that many of the loft beds presented here are quite low, (about 50 inches or so), which makes them suitable for younger kids too -- and they are, after all, the target audience.

Bunk and Loft Beds with Tent -- Sorted by Popularity

Bunk and Loft Beds with Tent -- Sorted by Popularity

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