Low Loft Beds

So you have a bit of a situation on your hands. Your little one is all over you to buy him/her a bunk bed, but you dwell on it: sure, bunk beds and loft beds are nice and kids love them and they can certainly be very useful when it comes to saving some space in a cramped room -- that's especially true for those elaborate configurations with tons of storage drawers built in -- but there are some safety considerations involved here too and you just aren't sure your kid(s) are ready for this sort of responsibility. It's not for nothing that they recommend kids should be at least six years old before they are allowed on the top bunk.

So, what to do? Well, one solution is right in front of you: low loft beds. Most of these are around 50 inches high, with mattress foundations lying less than 40 inches off the ground -- this fact alone should remove most of the safety concerns you might have. But if you're still not convinced, check out the low lofts from Berg -- such as the one featured here. With built-in staircase, they offer an easy and secure access to the loft bed and are probably the safest solution around.

However, if you are more concerned that your kid(s) will out-grow such a bed way too soon, then you should take a look at the Maxtrix Kids low lofts: their modular system allows you to upgrade a low loft bed you already have to a mid or high loft or even a bunk bed -- and add some matching furniture in the process. Truly an amazing system.

Low Loft Beds -- Sorted by Popularity

Low Loft Beds -- Sorted by Popularity

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