Maxtrix Kids Full Low Loft Bed with 6-Drawer Dresser and Bookcase

Maxtrix Kids Full Low Loft Bed with Dresser

Shown in Natural Birch Finish - Click to Enlarge

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Multiple Colors


Made of solid birch hardwood and veneers

Available in Natural Birch and Solid White finishes

Includes a slat roll -- no need for a bunkie board

Weight capacity: 400 lbs.

Dimensions: 80.00" L x 61.50" W x 50.75" H

Comes with either straight or angled ladder (with metal handrail)

Modular build -- bed is easily convertible into different configurations due to ROCK LOCK™ leg extensions

5 year limited warranty

Safety: the manufacturer certifies this loft bed model has been tested by an independent laboratory and is in compliance with ASTM F-1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds and the Government Code of Federal Regulations 1213 and 1513

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good support

difficult to assemble


The Low/Easy Rider Loft by Maxtrix Kids has 32 inches of space underneath the bed which can be utilized in a myriad of ways; in this particular case it has been commandeered for storage purposes. The included 6-drawer dresser and bookcase are designed to fit under the low loft perfectly, creating a seamless, stylish and compact unit ideal for situations in which space is in short supply and needs to be allocated carefully. The dresser features 6 large drawers with plenty of room for clothes, toys or school stuff, and the bookcase adds some shelf space for, well, books, mementos, boxes with kids' little treasures and such. Note that the drawer construction is something they are especially proud of at Maxtrix: they are crafted entirely of solid hardwood using English Dovetail joints, which provides a long lasting, superior connection between the drawer fronts and sides. The smooth-running, ball bearing, self-closing drawer glides are mounted underneath the drawers -- this way they allow for a much higher weight-bearing capacity with less shimmer. The difference can be seen -- or better yet felt -- each time the drawer is opened/closed. The images below show a Maxtrix drawer from two different angles - Click to Enlarge.

Dovetail JointsDrawer Glides

It also should be mentioned that all storage units come with a set of legs that have nylon anti-scratch pads, so the furniture can easily slide across the floor without damaging it. The legs are mounted on metal thread rods, and are inserted into metal inserts on the underside of the storage units for easy assembly. This also makes it easy to adjust the height.

The loft bed itself is also made of solid birch hardwood -- the fact that speaks well for its durability. In addition, Maxtrix offers a 5 year limited warranty for factory related defects (materials and workmanship).

Ladders that come with this product deserve a special mention: first, they feature extra wide grooved steps for a safe and comfortable access to the loft bed. Second, there are two versions available: straight and angled. The straight variety comes handy when space is at a premium and it could be considered safer in a sense that it doesn't present an obstacle to trip over -- as we all know, kids do like to run around. The angled ladder increases the bed's footprint, but in exchange it offers a more comfortable and easier climb to the top bed, plus it comes with a sturdy metal handrail which is a rather unique extra safety measure. All this does also cost a bit more. Click on thumbnails below to check them out.

Straight LadderAngled Ladder

As is the case with all Maxtrix beds, this one too comes as part of Maxtrix's adaptable bed building system. How does that work? Thanks to the innovative ROCK LOCK™ leg extensions, a regular bed can be converted into a Low, Mid, High Loft or Bunk Bed. Bed conversions are easy and safe as Maxtrix's system compresses the leg extensions onto the bed legs, via a steel bolt, and includes set screws that wedge themselves into the bolt opening -- the result should be a rock solid connection.

Rock Lock

Finally, we should note that at Maxtrix special attention is being paid to the safety department: all Maxtrix Kids products have been tested by independent laboratories and have been declared to meet both mandatory and voluntary regulations and in some cases even exceed them: the safety rails height and the bed weight limit are good examples.

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