Maxtrix Kids Twin Low Loft Bed with Underbed Curtain

Maxtrix Twin Low Loft Bed with Curtain

Shown in Natural Birch Finish - Click to Enlarge

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Multiple Colors


Made of solid birch hardwood and veneers

Available in Natural Birch and Solid White finishes

Includes a slat roll -- no need for a bunkie board

Weight capacity: 400 lbs.

Dimensions: 80.00" L x 46.50" W x 50.75" H

Underbed curtain is available in multiple color combinations

Comes with either straight or angled ladder (with metal handrail)

Modular build -- bed is easily convertible into different configurations due to ROCK LOCK™ leg extensions

5 year limited warranty

Safety: the manufacturer certifies this loft bed model has been tested by an independent laboratory and is in compliance with ASTM F-1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds and the Government Code of Federal Regulations 1213 and 1513

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good support

difficult to assemble


The Low / Easy Rider Loft Bed from Maxtrix Kids line is an excellent sleep-and-play solution for a single kid. Lifting the bed off the floor creates a fabulous play space underneath -- perfect for reading, playing games, tea parties, or just daydreaming. To make the bed even more appealing, Maxtrix offers beautiful fabric solutions that create a fully functioning playhouse; the curtains are made of 100% cotton and detailed with doors and windows that actually open and close. They are attached with hook and loop tape for easy on and off and come in multiple color combinations. Most of these are depicted by images below -- click on thumbnails to enlarge. The images also show how the bed looks in solid white finish.

Blue Red WhiteBlue WhiteBlue Red YellowPink Green Yellow

Yellow GreenPink WhitePurple BluePink Blue

The loft bed itself is made of solid birch hardwood, build to last for years -- note that Maxtrix offers a 5 year limited warranty on all their products. Especial attention has been given to safety; Maxtrix products meet all mandatory and voluntary regulations and even exceed some of them, such as the safety rails height and the bed weight limit.

Ladders deserve a special mention here; they feature extra wide grooved steps for a safe and comfortable access to the loft bed. There are two versions available: straight and angled. The straight variety comes handy when space is at a premium and it could be considered safer in a sense that it doesn't present an obstacle to trip over -- as we all know, kids do like to run around. The angled ladder increases the bed's footprint, but in exchange it offers a more comfortable and easier climb to the top bed, plus it comes with a sturdy metal handrail which is a rather unique extra safety measure. All this does also cost a bit more.

Straight LadderAngled Ladder

As is the case with all Maxtrix beds, the Low Rider and Easy Rider loftbeds (if you're wondering what's the difference, the Low Rider comes with the straight ladder, and the Easy Rider with the angled one) come as part of Maxtrix's adaptable room building system. How does that work? Thanks to the innovative ROCK LOCK™ leg extensions, a regular bed can be converted into a Low, Mid, High Loft or Bunk Bed. Bed conversions are easy and safe as Maxtrix's system compresses the leg extensions onto the bed legs, via a steel bolt, and includes set screws that wedge themselves into the bolt opening -- the result should be a rock solid connection.

Rock Lock

But bed conversion is not where the customization aptitude of this system ends; rather, it merely opens up the myriad of possibilities. For example, let's say you've started your journey with a day bed for a toddler. As the child grows so do his/hers needs and wants and in a couple of years you find that lifting the bed into a low loft version -- which is done easily and inexpensively just by adding the extension legs and ladder -- makes a lot of sense; the kid can handle a low loft by now and the gained space below the bed is oh so much fun, especially if curtained off. You may even decide to increase the fun factor by adding a tent or a castle add-on, perhaps a slide and, why not, the tower veil to complete the picture. Then in a couple of more years the school starts and priorities change again. The underbed curtains go off and are replaced by a roll-in student desk and storage drawers to hold all that school stuff and additional clothes for a budding student. And maybe, just maybe, you'll want to lift the bed a little higher still, into a mid loft or even a high loft to be able to fit even more stuff underneath. Or, in case life decides to throw you a curve ball and presents you with another (unplanned) offspring, that space will come as a godsend to place another bed in. So, as you see, this system truly does grow with your -- and your children's -- needs.

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