Night & Day Cinnamon Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Night and Day Cinnamon Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in Medium Oak

Shown in Medium Oak with Optional Storage Drawers - Click to Enlarge

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Made of Asian solid hardwood

Available in 5 finishes: Medium Oak, Cherry, Natural, Chocolate, White

Contemporary design

Includes head/footboards, ladder, side rails and two sets of slats

Stylish corbels on the leg-posts

Dimensions: 80" L x 41.5" W x 68" H

Weight capacity for top bunk: 250 lbs.

Accepts under bed storage drawers or trundle bed

Can be separated into two individual beds

Assembly required -- some tools included

Limited 10 year warranty

Buyers Say:



easy assembly

good support


stickers hard to remove

missing screws or bolts


The Cinnamon Twin over Twin Bunk Bed from Night & Day is a handsome piece of furniture; simple in design, a bit on the conservative side, nothing too fancy, no frills and thrills -- just some very subtle arches and curves -- but it is precisely that which makes it fit so good into pretty much any environment. The bed is made of Asian rubberwood; despite its name which, let's face it, isn't exactly confidence inspiring, this is an excellent material with many relevant qualities. Rubberwood is also considered environmentally friendly; the rubber tree's principal function is to produce latex, which is the main source for natural rubber (hence the name). At the end of its latex producing cycle the tree is cut down, but, instead of being burned as used to be the case, it is now used in the production of high quality furniture. Rubberwood is valued for its attractive color and acceptance of different finishes, but even more for its dense grain and minimal shrinkage -- two qualities that are crucial for sturdiness and durability of any given product.

Buyers who took the time to voice their opinion on this product most often describe it as: durable, attractive, comfortable, offering good support. Read on.

The Good

Durability -- you would need a really big magnifying glass to find a buyer who is not happy -- no, scratch that -- who is not thrilled with the quality of this bunk bed. No kidding. Sturdiness and durability are the very first thing mentioned by nearly each reviewer. Expressions such as: extremely sturdy; good material; excellent finish; good hardware; strong slats; very well crafted; quality workmanship -- are repeated over and over. The quality of wood receives much praise too, as does the mattress support and the attention to detail -- everything fits easily, as one reviewer put it. No wobbling or shaking, even with a 230 pound dad lying on the top bunk. Quite often there is an element of surprise to these comments; one can pick up a general feel of surpassed expectation. What's even better, these are not all initial impressions, some users reported their findings after months or even years of use -- or, should we say abuse -- by some extremely rambunctious kids. And their friends. But even with all that action the bed reportedly stays sturdy as a rock and the finish still shines -- now, that's impressive.

Attractive design -- something that's easily checked just by looking at the pictures. You should be aware, however, that a number of users feels the bed actually looks better than in the images. Expressions and phrases are used such as: beautiful piece of furniture; gorgeous; attractive style; finish makes it look really classy; great design; an elegant looking piece of furniture. Note: it's been mentioned several times that the beds' colors are not quite accurately represented in the images, that is, in reality the finish is reportedly a shade or two darker; for example, medium oak looks more like dark oak.

Ease of assembly -- the product is supposed to arrive in five boxes -- don't be alarmed if you only get four, though, as one of the boxes reportedly has the fifth box inside it. The assembly itself shouldn't be a problem; "easy to assemble" is one of the most often repeated phrases associated with this product. The process is referred to as straightforward, the assembly instructions praised as clear, accurate, simple and easy to follow. For illustration, there is a report out there by a seven month pregnant woman who have assembled the bed by herself, with a two-year-old running around trying to "help." Obviously, she couldn't have put the top bunk in its place by herself, you need two people for that at least, but the message does get across: it's easy and pretty much anyone should be able to do it.

The Not So Good

It really bodes well for the product if the worse thing you can hear about it has to do with stickers that are hard to remove. This is a quite common complaint with this bunk bed, actually; it comes with three stickers on the footboard which are reportedly rather unsightly and quite sticky and difficult to remove. In defense of the manufacturer, these are stickers with safety information and the manufacturer is actually obliged to put them in a conspicuous place where they are in full view. And they are actually not supposed to be removed (hence the stickiness), although most people does just that. Other than that, there is an occasional (rare) report about missing screws or bolts or (even rarer) broken piece; things easily fixable, if vexing to deal with.

Bottom Line

Great quality for the price -- seems to be the remark most often heard from the buyers of Night and Day Cinnamon bunk beds. Some more: fantastic value for the money; unbeatable price/quality compared to local merchants; as good or better than Pottery Barn beds; price is fantastic for the quality; it looks like it should have been way more expensive than it was -- bottom line is, there seems to be a general feel among users that the bed can compete easily with equivalent beds you get at high end furniture chains, but at a fraction of the price.

Alternate Finishes

Cinnamon Bunk Bed in Cherry

Cinnamon Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in Cherry

(Click to Enlarge)

Cinnamon Bunk Bed in Natural

Cinnamon Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in Natural

(Click to Enlarge)

Cinnamon Bunk Bed in Chocolate

Cinnamon Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in Chocolate

(Click to Enlarge)

Cinnamon Bunk Bed in White

Cinnamon Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in White

(Click to Enlarge)

Optional Items

Storage Drawer

Under Bed Storage Drawer

(Click to Enlarge)

Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed Unit

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