Night & Day Ginger Full over Full Bunk Bed

Night and Day Ginger Full over Full Bunk Bed in Cherry

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Made of solid plantation-grown rubberwood

Available in 4 finishes: Medium Oak, Cherry, Natural, Chocolate

Contemporary design

Includes head/footboards, ladder, side rails and two sets of slats

Dimensions: 83" L x 59" W x 69.5" H

Accepts under bed storage drawers or trundle bed

Can be separated into two individual beds

Assembly required -- some tools included

Limited 10 year warranty

Buyers Say:



good support


easy assembly

hard to access drawer under ladder


There is many a situation in which a full size bunk bed is more or less a necessity: a couple of teenagers who have to share a room would certainly appreciate the extra comfort, especially as they near their full growth; such a bed can comfortably accommodate an entire family, so they are often found in guest rooms; even if you have a couple of younger kids who would be comfortable with a twin size bed for a while yet, when you have a bunk bed with a 10 year warranty in front of you you may be inclined to plan ahead and think of the time when when this is no longer the case.

The Night & Day Ginger Full over Full is a rather typical representative of its variety: the elegant but simple, no-thrills-and-frills design with flat tops and vertical slats that reminisce of Mission styling, allows this bed to fit well into virtually any kind of environment. Beneficial to this end is also the fact that the bed is available in four finishes: cherry, medium oak, natural and dark chocolate. Choosing the right color will help the bunk bed blend with the furniture you may already have, or, if this is not a concern, you can simply pick the finish that best suits your taste.

As is the case with all Night & Day bunk beds, this one too is made of Asian rubberwood -- which is a plantation-grown hardwood. Since its principal function is to produce latex (the main source for natural rubber), and since the trees are always cut down at the end of their latex producing cycle, rubberwood is widely considered as an environmentally friendly material. Its dense grain and minimal shrinkage, as well as the attractive color and acceptance of different finishes, make it highly suitable for production of quality furniture.

So what do the actual users say about this product? Read on to find out.

The Good

Durability -- according to the buyers, what we have here is one sturdy and solidly built piece of furniture. Very solid and heavy product; extremely sturdy; well designed; solid and durable; excellent quality -- you can find plenty of generic praise like that (it gets quite repetitive, really), but there are also a bit more colorful expressions: bolted and secured like a fortress, is how one reviewer put it. What's interesting is that the praise is very often followed by an amount of incredulity; people seem to have a hard time believing they got themselves a product of this level of quality for the price asked -- bunk beds of similar standing are reported to go at twice the amount at local stores. Along with the craftsmanship, it is the material that gets the most commendation; while some seem to be impressed merely by the fact that the product is all made from real hardwood, others do also notice its qualities: beauty, strength, heaviness.

Ease of assembly -- you shouldn't have any problems with putting this bunk bed together, at least according to the majority of reports out there. The product comes with assembly instructions which are described as straightforward and easy to follow, and that should be true even for people with little or no DYI experience. In fact, there is a user out there who effectively described herself and her husband as total morons when it comes to building things, yet this major piece of furniture only took them about two hours to assemble.

The Not So Good

Not much to report in this section. There are a (very) few complaints about missing hardware; lack of bolt covers/wood plugs; missing paperwork (instructions, warranty). Then, this wouldn't be a Night & Day bunk bed if there weren't a few laments about stickers that are hard to remove. That noted, you should be aware that these stickers contain safety information and that the manufacturer is actually obliged to put them in a conspicuous place where they are in full view. And they are very sticky because they are actually not supposed to be removed.

The most often repeated complaint about this bunk bed comes from those who have purchased the under bed drawers; namely, once in place, the right drawer can't be pulled out without removing the ladder first. This issue affects the full/full version slightly less than the twin/full one, but it's still there. We'd classify it as a slight design flaw which could easily be rectified by utilizing a clip-on ladder that doesn't reach all the way down to the floor -- but then, the people at Night and Day have surely thought about this possibility and probably have their reasons for not implementing it.

Alternate Finishes

Ginger Full Bunk Bed in Natural

Ginger Full over Full Bunk Bed in Natural

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Ginger Full Bunk Bed in Medium Oak

Ginger Full over Full Bunk Bed in Medium Oak

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Ginger Full Bunk Bed in Chocolate

Ginger Full over Full Bunk Bed in Chocolate

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Optional Items

Storage Drawer

Under Bed Storage Drawer

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Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed Unit

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