Bunk Beds and Loft Beds for Toddlers

Let's start with a bit of a warning here: bunk beds and loft beds of normal height -- that's usually between 65 and 75 inches -- are not supposed to be used by children less than 6 years old. That, of course, is for safety reasons; it is rather widely considered that kids under six may not yet have the necessary skills to access the top bunk safely, and/or the capacity to fully comprehend the dangers inherent to sleeping/lounging on the top bunk and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Toddlers, therefore, shouldn't actually be allowed near a bunk bed. But there are some workarounds: you can have your child sleep on the bottom bunk until she/he is ready to climb up in the world. Removing the ladder or splitting the configuration into two separate beds (most bunk beds come with that option) will give you some additional peace of mind.

Or, you could just go for one of the low loft beds presented on this page. Most of these are only about 50 inches high, with the mattress lying a mere 40 inches or so off the floor; that removes most of the safety concerns linked with lofted sleeping places, but still leaves that special feeling that comes with owning/sleeping on a bunk bed. And, the newly gained space underneath the loft can still be quite valuable and used for either fun/play or for a more serious purpose (storage or desk or additional bed) if required.

Toddler Loft and Bunk Beds -- Sorted by Popularity

Toddler Loft and Bunk Beds -- Sorted by Popularity

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